frequently asked questions.

Please read this FAQ throughly before writing me with a booking request. If something is not 100% clear, or if you have any questions, please let me know in your email.

what does a tattoo cost?

Each flash design is priced individually. For custom work, I charge $80 per hour here in Quito. Prices for guest spots abroad depend on the pricing of those particular studios.

Tattoos also require a $40 deposit, which will be deducted from the final cost of the tattoo.

what forms of payment do you accept?

I only accept cash. Period.

how old do i need to be?

You need to be at least 18 to get a tattoo from me. Zero exceptions. Make sure to bring a piece of ID.

what are your hours?

Monday to Friday, 10am - 2pm and 4pm to 7pm. I will make exceptions for tattooing on Saturdays, but please let me know if that is the only day you are able to make an appointment.

will you tattoo [insert idea here]?

I have my own distinct style, so before you book an appointment, please check out my Instagram page or flash designs. If the idea you have for a tattoo doesn’t seem like it would “fit”with the work that I have done, you may want to look for a different artist.

do you do colour tattoos?

No. I exclusively use black and grey inks.

will you tattoo this image i found on google image search?

Reference photos are great—they can help me to design a unique tattoo that suits what you’re looking for. But in all honesty, I’m not interested in tattooing a precise copy of an image you bring me. Sorry, it’s just boring.

i’ve approved the design that you sent, but I want to make some changes—what should I do?

Contact me ASAP. The day of your tattoo is not the the time to change your design. I have already put aside a certain amount of time for you. Last minute changes to a design can throw off my schedule as well as the quality of your tattoo.

how do i book an appointment?

For appointments, please use my online booking form or send me an email at

how do i change or cancel my appointment?

If for whatever reason you need to change or cancel your appointment, please contact me ASAP. If you reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment, your $40 deposit will be transferred over to the new appointment. But, if you cancel completely, the $40 deposit is non-refundable.

can i bring friends to my appointment?

My private studio is quite small, so there isn’t a lot of extra room in my work space. You’re welcome to bring someone with you, but please let me know ahead of time and no more than one friend—it is uncomfortable for me to be surprised with multiple additional bodies in my work space.

would you tattoo my belly/neck/chest/face/etc.?

Generally, I stick to tattooing legs and arms. Torsos, butts and chests can be discussed with me ahead of time, but I will not tattoo the face or neck.

does it hurt?

Hell yes, it does. But that’s half the fun!

how should i prepare for my tattoo?

Have a shower. Wear comfortable clothes. Eat a square meal. Hydrate. Go to the bathroom. Think happy thoughts.

i’m drunk and/or stoned—can I get my tattoo?

Sorry. I will only tattoo people while they’re sober. Wait until your tattoo is done before you celebrate and crack open a beer.

i have a bad cold/chronic ailment/severe allergy/rash/sunburn—can I still get tattooed?

Please be sure to disclose all medical conditions on your booking form. If you come in for your appointment and you are uncontrollably coughing/sneezing/puking, I don’t want to get sick so I may ask you to reschedule.

will you tattoo something more than once?

Never. I don’t like to repeat tattoos. If you want something similar to a tattoo that I’ve done before, please let me know what you like about it and we work to create a custom design that is unique to you.

what else do you sell?

I have merchandise in my private studio, which is also available on my online store. This includes clothing, art prints, stickers and more.

NOTE: Stock is limited for all of my merchandise.