Let's get started.

If you are interested in getting a tattoo, whether you have a fully formed idea or not, send me a quick email and we can get started. Please include descriptions and pictures of your design idea, however detailed or vague, as well as the desired location on your body and the size/dimensions you have in mind. From there, we can coordinate a time and date for our first consultation.

Once we get in touch, we can set up a free personal consultation, where I can show initial sketches of your idea. From there, we can discuss the design in more detail, as well as play around with locations and sizes. If you're confident and want to book a tattoo appointment, we'll decide on a date and time that works for us both. It's also wished that you pay for the design upfront during the consultation, as an investment and a deposit for the final tattoo. Most importantly, though: don't stress. If you have reservations or your ideas change, we'll figure it out together. Let's keep it casual, positive and fun.

If you are interested in an original, non-commissioned design displayed on my online store, you can purchase the design there via PayPal. If you are in the same city as me and would like me to tattoo the design you purchased, send me an email. Otherwise, feel free to bring the design to an artist near you. Pricing information for tattoos is provided below.

I am currently only taking appointments in Quito, Ecuador, but if wanderlust entices me elsewhere I will post an update about where me and my equipment are going on Instagram. And, if you are serious about a tattoo and are interested in inviting me to your city, get in touch and I will do my best to come and visit.

Below are my tattooing hours and pricing information:

Tattooing hours:  12:00 - 19:00  |  Monday - Saturday       

Pricing for tattoos in Ecuador:  $80 per hour, with a minimum of $80 for tattoos that take one hour or less

Pricing for tattoos elsewhere (during guest spots)Dependent on the minimum prices of individual studios

Pricing for custom tattoo designs:  $15 per hour


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