about me.

Hey there. I'm Adrian, a tattoo artist, writer and illustrator from the western coast of Canada. I currently live and work in Quito, Ecuador.

I have been tattooing since early 2015, where I stumbled upon the art form in Berlin, Germany. I was immediately enamored with tattooing and started practicing on myself and close friends. I quickly dove headfirst into the medium, and began developing my signature style and a means of expressing both my ideals and those of my clients.

Through conversations and artistic expression, we can work together to create a wholly unique aesthetic creation, one that enhances the beauty of your body, shapes and curves, and evokes your mind and your beliefs. These simple means—discussions, storytelling, and more—can be the perfect platform through which to discover the body art that truly reflects you. And, pulling from all aspects of humanity and the universe, your imagination can take form and find a permanent place on your skin.